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Born in Bergambacht, a small Dutch village, in 1989. Raised in a large, sheltered family, always looking for stories. Entertaining myself by big fantasies, turning quickly into a dreamy mood.

Growing up, starting to explore, a whole new world opened up for me. Discovering art, theatre and music changed me as a person. Nowadays as a designer I translate a story that touches me into my work. At the same time I strive for a revaluation of crafts and products. Design should contribute to a better world, consciously dealing with labour, production processes and materials. To give particular consideration to design and process, something develops which makes value visible again.

By my working methods, I am able to create astonishment to something we are used to. Paying attention to little things in life, every single day, is a challenge, but indispensable.


Expositions and Projects

2017 | Graduation Festival, Maastricht | The last Generation
2017 | Strouven Foundation, Maastricht | Elizabeth Strouven Fonds
2016 | vtwonen, Amsterdam | vt wonen&design beurs
2016 | vtwonen, Hoofddorp | winner vtwonen ontwerpwedstrijd
2016 | MAFAD, Maastricht | Designday
2016 | MAFAD, Milan | Ventura Lambrate
2016 | Marres, Maastricht | Notes on creativity, Ferran Adria
2015 | Cor Unum, ’s Hertogenbosch | nominated for best 25 exhibits


2017 | Studio Hendrik Jan Soet, Maastricht | owner
2013-2016 | Maastricht | freelance graphic designer
2010-2013 | CTBV, Utrecht | graphic designer
2009-2010 | Designstar, Boskoop | graphic designer


2013-2017 | Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Maastricht | design
2012-2013 | Theaterschool de Trap, Amsterdam | theatre