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Tied up 34


Years ago, when I was a kid, I always was the last person in row during gym class to be chosen when it came to any ball game. But then I found out I was a master in running and climbing. Primary schools in the Netherlands every now and then set up a game that is called “apenkooien”. This can be literally translated as “monkey caging”. In this game it is the trick to be as quick as possible as to not get caught by your fellow classmates. My trick was to quickly climb into the ropes that were hanging from the ceiling, or to jump into the climbing racks. I now was the winner.

In a design contest, initiated by vtwonen, contesters were asked to design a piece of furniture, which can be situated in any room and used for any purpose. The design had to be simple, but original. In this contest, Tied Up 34 came out as the winning piece.

Tied Up 34 is made out of natural materials like European redwood and hemp rope. The power of Tied Up 34 is hidden in its simple and functional design. It is a shelving unit, made without any screw. Four wooden elements, glued mortise and tenon, provide for a strong foundation. The rope keeps every part in the right position and strengthens the construction beyond expectations. The surprising part is hidden in the opportunity to construct the unit to your needs. The elements are provided with a lot of holes, which makes it possible to adjust the unit any time you like.




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