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Twee Boonen en een tuin

Our society is entirely industrialized, which makes people unaware of manufacturing methods. Nowadays economy is especially concerned how human needs can be satisfied at the lowest price.

In my opinion, small-scaliness could have a big future. In my own circle, I looked around for plain examples of food production. In my case, I only had to go back one generation to see the original way of life, being familiar with the origin of food. My two aunts, aged 66 and 77, still live in their parental home in Bergambacht, a village in Hollands ‘Green Heart’. Their life revolves around maintaining the vegetable garden of my late grandparents. With inspiration, the soil is being cultivated, and despite for example, digging, is exhausting them, they join the rhythm of the seasons and provide in their own necessities.

To gain insight into the possibilities of small-scaliness, I looked around for materials that may be found in the immediate vicinity of the garden, with the aim to show the purity of local materials and to accomplish the circle of the garden. Most owners of a vegetable garden, as well as my aunts, buy seeds from a supplier in springtime because harvesting your own seems too complicated. These seeds are often hybrid seeds that can not be reproduced. Because, in this way, we still have no influence in our own livelihood, I want to simplify the way of cultivating seeds by designing products like a wheelbarrow and a cabinet, made out of a self-cut tree, scales and pots made out of self-dug clay to sort the seeds and to make glassware out of local sand to preserve the seeds.

With this project, I want to bring an ode to my aunts and their garden, demonstrating that we can feed ourselves in a simple, satisfying way.